Flexibility in exploration

Mineral Exploration

Flexibility in exploration

Traditionally exploration projects consisted of multiple holes drilled from multiple drill pads to intercept an orebody. Directional drilling is a technique where holes are steered to reach targets often with better angles of interception. Multiple targets may also be drilled from one collar reducing the overall footprint of the drilling campaign leaving much of the surrounding vegetation untouched.


In mineral exploration it is essential to gather as much relevant information as possible. This may be  challenging due to steeply dipping orebodies providing poor angles of interception. There may also be obstructions such as lakes, pits or the need to drill from adjacent mineral claims. Natural deviation can also make hitting zones at preferred angles near impossible.


We can steer boreholes in any direction eliminating the need for a perfect alignment at the collar. Our directional drilling package allows for a long gradual corrections over the course of a hole, or several short corrections depending on geometry and what is required at the time. In either case, accurate target intercepts and better angles for accurate width assessments are achieved.

This package includes one DCD barrel (DeviDrill), one non-coring directional barrel (DeviDrill RSS) and DeviGyro system for accuracy. The DeviDrill allows clients the option of gathering Geological information as steering occurs by collecting a core sample. If this information is unnecessary and speed is the goal, the DeviDrill RSS system will be used to speed up production up to 5x.


  • Ore bodies can be drilled and defined even in inaccessible or restricted areas, by setting the drill rig in an allocated area and steering the hole as needed. See also Branch hole programs
  • Target intersection angles are adjusted to a more perpendicular and improved angle
  • DCD gives the option to “chase” the ore zone and steer into it. The continuous core sample shows when the ore zone is entered
  • If steering away from the orebody we offer a solution for quick reliable steering in the RSS

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