About TECH Directioanl Services

About TECH Directional Services

TECH Directional Services is a directional drilling company, servicing the exploration, mining, and tunneling industries within Canada. Our focus is to enhance drill programs by steering holes to their desired location while minimizing drilling impacts on the environment. A fortunate by-product is saving time finding your next big discovery.

TECH’s history

TECH Directional Services was founded in 2007 by a group of career directional drillers. Their experience and knowledge in this field of expertise helped them choose the DeviDrill system as their preferred method of steering boreholes. This decision ultimately led TECH to becoming the leader in directional drilling within Canada.

Since inception, a great relationship between product supplier and service provider ensued. TECH is very pleased to announce we are part of the Devico group of companies. Development and operation of directional drilling equipment has never been better. We are excited to be part of the Devico group and look forward to continuing the great service we have become synonymous with. Backed by the leading developer of directional drilling and borehole surveying equipment in the industry, TECH looks forward to providing your project with the attention it deserves.

Our approach

Our approach

Proper execution of a directional drilling program relies on having the best equipment and personnel possible. We believe TECH offers both and strive to ensure our clients can depend on us to deliver a successful program.

It all starts with a realistic drilling plan to achieve your goals. Including probability of success and other estimates. This marks the foundation of the project and should be completed prior to mobilization. Once approved, technicians mobilize to site where they work closely with you and your drill operator to achieve your goals.



TECH Directional Services is committed to providing an industry leading technical service. We continue working diligently to evolve our technical expertise using industry leading equipment and processes. Through our expertise, clients and their representatives can focus on results instead of how they achieve them. The following policies is a roadmap we use to achieve everyone’s goals in a safe, responsible, and professional manner.



Directional drilling benefits the environment on any project. The ability to reach multiple targets from a single drill collar setup is the greatest benefit. Moving drills to numerous sites accessing individual targets is destructive and unnecessary. By using Devico’s technology, it greatly reduces your drill programs footprint and leaves much more of the environment untouched. Directional drilling can also contribute to the protection of sensitive ecosystems. It provides the ability to locate drill targets away from sensitive areas that should not be disturbed, such as wetlands. We will always consider the environment in any plan produced to leave natural habitats untouched. By branching holes, we reduce the amount of core drilled which ultimately reduces carbon emissions.



TECH Directional Services is committed to developing relationships with our community, our employees, and our clients by maintaining clear and transparent communication with all parties. TECH is committed to equality in the workplace and positive relationships with our clients, other contractors, and communities we operate in. We endeavor to provide a fair and clear recruitment process to fill any new position. TECH Directional Services also believes in giving back to the global community in which we operate. As such we support several Canadian charity organizations, as well as schools and community organizations.


TECH Directional Services believes the health and safety of our employees and those of our working partners with which we share worksites is of the highest priority. Our health and safety representative in conjunction with site supervisors are tasked with ensuring employees fulfill their duties in compliance with the established safe operating procedures and encourage dialogue that improves on these procedures. All parties in conjunction with management will react in a timely fashion to correct identified workplace deficiencies and respond to employee suggestions regarding safety. We also encourage our personnel to take part in our clients Health and Safety programs while involved with your project.

Management and Administration

Randy Nicholls

General Manager
Randy has been involved with Directional Drilling since 2003 and joined TECH Directional Services when the company was founded in 2007. Since then, he has held various positions within the organization. In 2019 Randy was promoted to General Manager.

His working background includes programming CNC routers and maintaining various equipment in the manufacturing industry. After being recruited as a Directional Drilling Technician, he decided to forge a career in the industry.

Chace Sorensen

Operations Manager
Chace started working in exploration in 2003. Chace never left the industry as he developed a passion for exploration field work at a young age. His combined 19 years of experience as a Directional Drilling Technician and a Geological Assistant has allowed him to develop an extensive set of skills that he puts to work every day at TECH Directional Services. 

Justin Pardy

Field Supervisor
Justin started his career in the exploration industry as a driller’s assistant. In 2008 he joined the team at TECH Directional Services as a Directional Technician. Since then, he has been involved in some of the most technically difficult exploration and engineering projects completed to date. In 2020 Justin was promoted to Field Supervisor where he ensures field crews have the support required to provide a great service to our customers.

Dwayne Pinsent

Health and Safety Coordinator and Trainer
Dwayne began working in the exploration field in June 2007. In early 2008 Dwayne joined TECH Directional Services as a Directional Drilling Technician and held several positions since. In 2022 Dwayne has taken on the role of Health and Safety Coordinator and Trainer. With more than a decade of directional drilling experience, makes him the perfect fit for his new position.

Sheri Byers

Office Administrator
Sheri started at Tech Directional Services in March of 2019, recruited for the role of Office Admin, she is responsible for Tech’s Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll and Benefits admin.
Sheri’s education and working background is over 20+ years of Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Benefits co-ordinator & Customer Service.

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