Vale Technology Development (Canada) Limited

Enrick Tremblay, Supervisor, Sudbury Basin Technical Group at Vale Technology Development (Canada) Limited

During the 2015 Sudbury Basin drilling program, Vale Brownfield Exploration contracted TECH
Directional Services to use their proprietary technology to steer diamond drill holes in Sudbury. During the year they completed a series of DeviDrill cuts on numerous drill holes. The cuts were used to correct the trajectory of parent (mother) holes as well as to steer and achieve desired separation in branch (daughter) holes.

TECH completed the required cuts in a timely and professional manner. They were successful in
steering numerous diamond drill holes towards their intended drill targets. The time to complete the cuts improved as the drill program progressed and the crews gained experience with the local geology.

During the 2015 campaign, the DeviDrill was tested at unprecedented depths (up to 2 lOOm). The technology encountered some challenges at depths greater than 1 600m but it proved very effective in highly foliated rocks found in shallower settings where historical wedging practices had encountered difficulties.

When utilized in the proper geological environment, TECH Directional Services and their DeviDrill technology were able to achieve the target intersections while saving some valuable time for the exploration program.