Rubicon Minerals Corporation

Ian Russell, Exploration Manager at Rubicon Minerals Corporation

During an extensive drilling program in 2008, Rubicon Minerals Corporation contracted TECH Directional Services to complete a series of ‘DeviDrill’ cuts on a number of land based and barge based drill holes. A series of conventional wedges were attempted early on in this drilling campaign; however they were of limited success due to the ground conditions encountered. TECH Directional Services was brought in to see if the ‘DeviDrill’ system would be able to complete the required cuts that would allow the company to reduce the total number of metres necessary to test a series of targets.

On a number of occasions, TECH completed the required cuts in a very timely and professional manner. The service provided by both the crews and ‘DeviDrill’ was excellent. Of note was one instance where the system was utilized in an attempt to provide a cut in a moderately to strongly talc altered ultramafic rock. Previous attempts with a number of conventional wedges were unsuccessful due to the nature of the rock unit. The ‘DeviDrill’ completed the required cut in much less time than one conventional wedge would take to install and did so in ground that is typically very difficult to hold the deflection angle in.

“When drilling programs require wedging I would make a point of utilizing TECH Directional Services. They were able to complete the necessary cuts in a timely and professional manor. They have saved the company both time and money in our recent drilling programs”.