NexGen Energy Ltd.

Garrett Ainsworth, Vice President of Exploration & Development at NexGen Energy Ltd.

In June 2015 TECH Directional Services under direction from NexGen Energy’s management, began steering multiple drill holes from pilot holes as branches into multiple stacked sub-vertical uranium mineralized zones at the Arrow Zone in Northern Saskatchewan. Using a combination of Devidrill and North seeking Gyro technology they were able to successfully complete 55 targets to desired target depths by the end of October 2015.

We are very pleased with the high degree of accuracy in hitting our intended pierce points, which has rapidly and efficiently developed Arrow. Having this type of technology and the expertise required to properly and effectively operate the equipment has saved us from restarting roughly 75% of our holes due to deviation in overburden, and thousands of meters of drilling that would have been required to achieve all targets without Directional drilling. Further benefits to the reduced footage and absence of restarts are the time and cost savings for the overall program which we consider to be very material to NexGen.

Having TECH on our program has allowed us to effectively manage the drill program in a manner that created value for our investors throughout the summer program and we look forward to using the TECH Directional team in 2016.