Paste Fill backfill holes

Mining Development

Paste Fill/Backfill holes

Directional drilling is used in the mining industry for several purposes. The most common are paste fill holes. These are necessary to bring fill into certain stopes or difficult to access areas of the mine. Other useful applications would include raise bore pilot holes, geotechnical investigation prior to sinking a shaft, pump columns, electrical services and ground freeze rings.


While drilling critical holes it may be difficult to maintain a specific trajectory, hit a specific target, or avoid certain infrastructure. Tracking these boreholes and knowing when you are properly lined up or out of alignment may also be problematic.


TECH’s highly trained and experienced Technicians are available to survey and track critical infrastructure holes by using a combination of software and the most advanced surveying equipment on the market. When steering is required, Technicians work closely with the drill contractor to bring the hole back on line to follow its intended path by using either of the two directional barrels at our disposal. The DeviDrill RSS System is designed for speed and accuracy. The DeviDrill system for structural information and accuracy.


The combination of dedicated Technicians, directional drilling technology and high accuracy survey instruments ensures that the borehole trajectory is controlled to achieve your goals. Adding personnel, equipment, and the necessary expertise you achieve your objective the first time.

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