Directional drilling benefits the environment on any type of project (mineral exploration, oil field, engineering or road projects, etc.).

One great benefit of directional drilling is the ability to reach multiple targets from a single drill collar setup, versus moving the drill to numerous sites to access individual targets. This greatly reduces the footprint and leaves much more of the environment untouched.

Directional drilling can also contribute to the protection of sensitive ecosystems. It provides the ability to locate drill sites away from sensitive areas that should not be disturbed.


  • TECH will have contingency planning in place and take protective measures where environmental hazards exist to minimize health, safety and environmental risks.

  • TECH will communicate our environmental commitment to our clients and the public at large.

  • TECH will educate and promote environmental awareness amongst its employees and encourage them to work in an environmentally aware manner.

  • TECH will endeavor to minimize consumption by following the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra.

  • TECH will communicate this commitment to its employees through communication, and worksite and community stewardship.

  • TECH will include consideration of environmental priorities and impacts when undertaking any of our activities.

  • TECH Directional Services is committed to providing an industry leading technical service that provides a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and our working partners and minimizes our impact on the environment.


  • TECH Directional Services is committed to developing relationships with our community, our employees and our clients by maintaining clear and transparent communication with all parties. TECH management and employees respect one another, our client's personnel, and community persons, as individuals and do not discriminate on the grounds of ethnicity or race; religious or political convictions or other beliefs; gender; regional or family background; disability; or age. We are committed to equality in the workplace and positive relationships with the communities we operate in and around.

  • TECH Directional strives to maintain transparency in the manner in which we conduct business; rejecting bribery, corruption, and other forms of dishonest business behaviors.

  • TECH essentially holds to the credo of "what goes around, comes around". Therefore we will endeavor to provide fair hiring and work environment practices while keeping the issues of worksite safety and environmental concerns front and center.

  • TECH will also work diligently to evolve its technical expertise using industry leading equipment and processes to deliver first rate technical support to our clients through mutually developed working agreements.

  • TECH Directional Services believes in giving back to the global community in which we operate. TECH supports Canadian charity organization Possibilities International, as well as local schools and community organizations.

Possibilities International



TECH Directional makes safety in the workplace its top priority. We support a continuing, documented dialogue between field staff and the management team to identify incidents, issues, resolutions, and suggestions.

Personal Protective Equipment: Supplied by TECH Directional as required in the field.

Safety Awards: Regular safety incentives are given to all employees.

Bi-Monthly Site Safety Meetings: Each project site holds regular bi-monthly meetings and reports to our management team. We aim to ensure all employees understand that TECH Directional does not expect anyone to continue to work in an unsafe workplace.



  • TECH Directional Services feels the health and safety of our employees and those of our working partners with which we share our worksites is of the highest priority.

  • TECH is committed to a continuing effort to improve the health and safety of our workplace by meeting and exceeding applicable worksite rules and regulations.

  • TECH will take a proactive approach in establishing and maintaining health and safety programs and ensuring sufficient resources are available to support the objectives.

  • TECH’s supervisors will be tasked with ensuring employees fulfill their duties in compliance with established safe work practices and procedures and to encourage dialogue that improves on these procedures. Supervisors will react in a timely fashion to correct identified workplace deficiencies and respond to employee suggestions regarding safety.

  • TECH’s employees will be responsible for working safely in compliance with health and safety legislation and worksite specific practices and procedures. The number one task of each employee is to go home safely after each shift or tour of work.

  • TECH is committed to continued communication and cooperation in an ongoing effort to improve the safety of our worksites and to emphasize with all our partners the importance of this objective.