NexGen Energy Ltd.

"In June 2015 TECH Directional Services under direction from NexGen Energy’s management, began steering multiple drill holes from pilot holes as branches into multiple stacked sub-vertical uranium mineralized zones at the Arrow Zone in Northern Saskatchewan. Using a combination of Devidrill and North seeking Gyro technology they were able to successfully complete 55 targets to desired target depths by the end of October 2015..." Read more

Osisko Exploration James-Bay

"Tech Directional Services provided directional support to help Osisko Exploration James Bay and Mines Coulon in delineating mineralized lens at depth on the Coulon project during the 2015 drilling campaign..." Read more


"During the 2015 Sudbury Basin drilling program, Vale Brownfield Exploration contracted TECH Directional Services to use their proprietary technology to steer diamond drill holes in Sudbury. During the year they completed a series of Devidrill cuts on numerous drill holes. The cuts were used to correct the trajectory of parent (mother) holes as well as to steer and achieve desired separation in branch (daughter) holes..." Read more

Seabridge Gold Inc.

"Application of the Devico directional drilling technology on targeting deep extensions at our KSM gold-copper porphyry project in B.C. saved considerable drilling time by ensuring targeted zones were hit, and avoiding re-drilling of thousands of meters of barren rock above the mineralized zones by wedging and steering daughter holes..." Read more

New Gold Inc.

"The TECH Directional management and crew (George, Randy, Thomas, and Dave) provided us with outstanding service and were very accommodating to the dynamic nature of our program..." Read more 

Goldcorp Red Lake

"In 2008 and early 2009 TECH Directional Services were involved in the deep exploration program targeting the RLGM High Grade Zone from the 37 level of the Red lake Complex. Due to depth of drilling and accuracy required to reach our targets directional drilling was the method of choice to accomplish our goals..." Read more 

Goldcorp Cochenour

"We have used Tech Directional Services for our deep directional drilling on the Cochenour Project in Red Lake since early 2011. They performed Devico and surveying services in drill holes at depths sometimes exceeding 2000m and worked closely with our project geologists proving invaluable in helping us achieve our target hit-rates..." Read more

Guyana Goldfield Inc.

"Guyana Goldfields Inc. (TSX: GUY) has experienced great success working with TECH Directional Drilling Services. With their input we were able to design a drilling program this year that addressed out company's aggressive goals..." Read more

Rainy River Resources

"Given TECH Directional Service’s success to date at the Rainy River Resource Gold Project I would strongly consider them for any future drill programs requiring precision drilling..." Read more

Shell Canada Energy

"In February of 2013 Shell Canada undertook a delineation coring program to understand the shallow but complex geology beneath the Ft. McMurray oil sands. The program was unique in that the bore holes were drilled from an angle 26 degrees off horizontal using a core rig mounted on a custom sub base to achieve the steep angle..." Read more

S&ME, Inc.

"Thank you very much for your expertise, your talented employees George Small and Randy Nicholls and use of the DeviDrill system. We have turned some heads with this excellent equipment..." Read more


"TECH Directional has been supplying directional drilling services to Vale's Voisey's Bay site since the fall of 2010. This service is critical to the success of our infill/delineation program where we have to maintain precise control on our drill holes..." Read more

 Kirkland Lake Gold

"For a paste fill applications it is necessary to have core recuperation so any fractured ground that is recovered can be grouted immediately avoiding a collapse in the future. Using the Devico directional core barrel TECH Directional Services was able to not only steer the bore hole but also produce core which ensured that no fractured ground was missed..." Read more

Rambler Metals and Mining Canada Limited

"The information gained through the directional diamond drilling program was invaluable to the project and an integral component of the mine’s transition into the commercial operation today..." Read more


"The service provided by both the crews and ‘Devidrill’ was excellent.  Of note was one instance where the system was utilized in an attempt to provide a cut in a moderately to strongly talc altered ultramafic rock.  Previous attempts with a number of conventional wedges were unsuccessful due to the nature of the rock unit.  The ‘Devidrill’ completed the required cut in much less time than one conventional wedge would take to install and did so in ground that is typically very difficult to hold the deflection angle in..." Read more